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Established in 2004, UNITS Moving and Portable Storage have expanded their moving services to over 500 cities in North America over the past 16 years. Triad teamed up with UNITS to produce a suite of video assets as they worked to redesign their brand identity in 2020.


The introduction of portable storage containers has revolutionized the storage and moving industry. With more moving options for consumers and greater flexibility / convenience to meet specific needs, customers can go through the moving process with no stress and no hassle.

Our video campaign served to support a new website redesign – Triad created six unique videos for each service / differentiator important to UNITS and provided a host of photography for their website. 

The video topics are as follows:

  1. How to Properly and Safely Load Your Container
  2. Local Moves
  3. The ROBO Unit
  4. Warehouse Storage
  5. Why Portable Storage is the Best Solution for Your Moving Needs
  6. On-Site Storage

In the pre-production phase, we were challenged to work with UNITS’ marketing advisory group to craft unique scripts for each video topic. Without much knowledge of the moving and portable storage industry, we dove headfirst into extensive interviews and research to ensure the scripts didn’t miss a beat. 

Once we finalized the scripts, we planned an extensive shot list and shoot schedule that incorporated three full film days, 15+ subjects, and many different types of shots that encompassed each aspect of their business in full detail, visually. A critical goal of this project was to capture an immense library of B-Roll footage that UNITS would leverage not only for this initial video campaign but also for future campaigns. 

UNITS will be utilizing these videos across their website to engage and inform potential customers of their innovative, cost-effective, and convenient solution to the moving and storage process.



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