A New Paradigm

UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy

The Young Innovators Program is developing the next generation of innovative thinkers by engaging exceptional high school students in hands-on laboratory research and encouraging them to explore STEM opportunities in pharmaceutical science research. The program empowers them to discover new ways to improve the health of patients through pharmacy practice.


Creating this video was high pressure and high intensity. UNC needed this massive project within three weeks for a one on one pitch to Merck’s former CEO to attain a massive, multi-million dollar partnership deal.

We conducted interviews all across the east coast from Chapel Hill to Washington, D.C., and shot b-roll in many different locations. The locations included UNC’s campus, classrooms, and labs and North Carolina Central University’s campus. All hands were on deck for this project due to the time constraint, with multiple filming hours across several days. 

In post-production, we incorporated high quality, dynamic graphic animation to best showcase key data and metrics about the program alongside the interviews and b-roll. After several rounds of revisions to make the video perfect, the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy presented it to Merck. 

The Merck CEO loved it, and UNC got the deal.



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