Fighting for Georgia

With election day quickly approaching, Triad Studios teamed up with BCom Solutions to put together a series of digital ads to support Congressman Sanford Bishop’s re-election campaign in Georgia on a crunched timeline.


Congressman Sanford Bishop’s re-election campaign is grounded on the idea of being a champion for Middle and Southwest Georgia. He defines his goal in public service as “seeking a higher, better quality of life for all citizens by promoting jobs and a stronger, more diversified economy, a better educated population, safe and secure communities free of crime and drugs, a clean environment, affordable and accessible health care, a safe food supply, energy independence, and a strong national defense — all within the context of a balanced budget.”

Bishop has served the people of Georgia for over three decades, endorsing legislation to support strong defense, sound infrastructure, and tax relief. He’s spearheaded civil rights legislation, disaster relief for rural communities, and bills to expand and improve veteran rights and honors. 

When in Albany, Georgia, we chose to shoot Congressman Bishop’s interview outside. Lighting was especially critical here – we focused on diffusing the harsh sunlight with an 8x8’ diffuser nestled between two C-stands. To create subtle contrast on the Congressman’s face, we perched an Aputure 300D as a key light and an Aputure 120D as the fill with a small hairlight behind. 

After the completion of the interview shoot, we shot B-Roll on a local peanut farm as Bishop spoke directly with his constituents on the importance of supporting his campaign for a better and brighter Georgia, with specific regard to rural communities. Throughout the rest of the day we traveled to several different iconic locations in Albany and captured testimonial interviews with a diverse group of constituents. The shoot was hot, sweaty, and gnat-filled, but ultimately a challenge that elevated our ability to perform and execute for a high-level client.



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