Made To Move

Rush Charge is a leading competitor in the portable charging industry. They’ve designed a sleek battery bank that fits conveniently in your pocket, backpack, or purse with a focus on style and fashion.


Rush Charge and Triad Studios partnered up to develop a sleek and engaging video advertisement focusing on the many different types of products and features Rush Charge’s battery banks offer. Rush Charge is the perfect product to add to your bag with a comprehensive suite of products made to accommodate any device charging needs. With strong design-centric attention to detail, Rush Charge’s products genuinely stand out from the rest.

In pushing the creative boundaries of a product commercial, we had the whole team get together to storyboard something special. Using our studio space, we set up a device to rotate the different Rush Charge products across a green background so we could cook up some crazy transitions in After Effects. The dynamic changing colors / products / backgrounds throughout the video is a testament to a team effort in learning how to elevate our creative abilities regarding visual effects.

Triad looks forward to directing and producing more groundbreaking content for the fantastic community at Rush Charge.



Triad Studios


Michael Thomas


Tristan Gardner


Daniel Pan


Baaqir Yusuf


Justin Fouts



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