Spark Your Future

UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

A top-tier business school plagued with negative feelings of inadequacy, hyper-competitiveness, and isolation among students led an exceptional team of leaders to embark on a revolutionary initiative to change the way business is perceived and conducted at Kenan-Flagler - known as Spark.


The Kenan-Flagler Business School has enjoyed over 100 years of success. But after much time, people throughout the undergraduate business program started to question what "success" meant to them. They discovered that success is not only about grades and employment outcomes, but also about a sense of purpose, impact, and connection. 

Through interviews, focus groups, and a ton of research, Kenan-Flagler uncovered six guiding principles to inspire a new generation of business students.

  • Be Curious, Be Humble, Be Kind, Be Agile, Be Purposeful, and Be True.

Spark launched during new student orientation. Over two days, students immersed themselves in their new community. Together they learned about career and academic resources, explored study abroad opportunities, assessed their competencies, and collaborated with peers through business simulations and team-building activities. 



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