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Dr. Rink

Art and dentistry are two rather distinct fields, but blending them is what makes Dr. John Rink's Charleston practice so unique.


Dr. Rink is an accredited practitioner of cosmetic dentistry, a specialty in dentistry that focuses on elective operations to enhance dental appearance. In particular, Dr. Rink focuses on improving the smiles of his patients. For many people, a good smile is an enormous aspect of their self-confidence, and Dr. Rink shapes his practice around restoring his patients' confidence. 


Accredited dentists are few and far between in the U.S.—the certification is hard to obtain. Dr. Rink's passion for the craft drives him to grow his practice every day, where he gets to work meeting with clients, many of whom he knows well. 

We had the chance to speak with some of those clients (as well as Dr. Rink and his staff) when we traveled down to Charleston to film. When they sat before our production set up, with all its cameras and microphones and lights, some were intimidated. But we made sure to get them accustomed to being in front of the camera, and within no time, their reconstructed smiles dazzled the room. 

Dr. Rink walked us through his process for crafting the perfect smile—paradoxically; he does not strive for the perfect smile. With each client, he shapes their reconstruction to match their mouth, not that ideal Hollywood image. Dr. Rink prints 3-D molds, painted with tiny colored streaks to better see how light behaves. He then uses the golden ratio—the harmonious, geometric sequence of numbers that presents itself in natural patterns—and other measurements to best craft the curvature and size of the reconstructed teeth. 

Dr. Rink combines art and geometry fundamental to nature's workings to give the best results to his patients. I, personally, have never met a dentist who does that. It's a method that is the definition of uniquity. 

The production behind these four videos went smoothly. Aside from a rainy day that heavily limited our time for getting drone shots of Charleston's harbor (which, as you can see, we managed to capture beautifully), everything else went well. Post-production, as Justin put it, went like the last few steps of a sudoku game—all the pieces were there; we just had to put them into place. 

Triad is thrilled to have been a part of John F. Rink, DDS's marketing initiative. For us, dentistry has always been about regular check-ups and braces—but it was fascinating to see and learn about the cosmetic and business side of the field. The deliverables have been received well by those watching: 8 out of 10 viewers have watched each video to completion. Dr. Rink's practice has a real impact on how people view and present themselves—we've seen that impact firsthand in the smiles of his clients.



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