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Hot Head Burritos

Hot Head Burritos - a restaurant chain based out of Dayton, Ohio, specializes in Mexican-style burritos and other Mexican-style foods. They partnered with Triad Studios to showcase their products and people in a cinematic, authentic, and engaging light.


Over time, the Triad team’s relationship with Hot Head Burritos evolved dramatically as both businesses grew and sought to push the boundaries of creativity in the food industry. Hot Head partnered with Triad to craft three commercials: an overview brand story, a video highlighting their unique and best franchisees, and a 30 second TV spot. 

The first series of videos was a massive hit with their customer base and potential franchisees looking to join the Hot Head Burritos brand. Since then, Hot Head had commissioned Triad to put together short 15-30 second video ads for TV broadcast using existing footage.



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