Every Damn Day

GETMr.’s mission is to help men better incorporate daily, constructive habits in their lives, starting with sunscreen.


Men are 3x more likely to develop skin cancer in their lifetime. White males are more likely to develop skin cancer than any other form of cancer. The problem has only gotten worse over time. However, wearing a daily moisturizer with broad spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or greater can reduce your odds of developing skin cancer by at least 40%.

GETMr.’s solution is called The Daily – a 3-in-1 aftershave, moisturizer and broad spectrum sunscreen. The company was started by dynamic mother-daughter duo Ellianna and Beth Goldstein. Beth is an accomplished skin cancer surgeon, and Ellianna is a Venture for America alum with experience investing + marketing at Fortune 100 companies.

We partnered with GETMr. to provide them with a video suite of ten social media ads encompassing a number of topics relating to The Daily and the importance of daily sunscreen usage. The shoot day consisted of two interviews, product b-roll in the bathroom / house, and studio b-roll. We were able to get a wide variety of shots with three different males, and shot for a funny “couple” video as well.

We admire the GETMr. team's passion for what they're doing – you can get yours at getmr.com!



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