The Joy of Fishing

Some of us fish to enjoy a bit of solitude and reflection, some to savor the beauties of nature, some to forge memories with family and friends, and some to escape the stress of everyday life. For all of us, fishing is special.


Triad Studios partnered with Freedom Electric Marine to create a cinematic story around their flagship product – the Twin Troller X10; a compact boat that offers a simpler, more relaxing approach to angling, makes great fishing experiences even better, and has fishermen everywhere wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

To overcome the most common challenges of fishing small, protected waters, it would need to turn on a dime, be next to impossible to tip over, and handle tight spots and shallows without breaking a sweat.

The Twin Troller’s patented design delivers absolute freedom on the water, along with the kind of comfort that makes it easy to fish from dawn to dusk. Twin recessed motors furnish a smooth, quiet ride, while the double-hulled boat itself combines remarkable stability with an exceptionally shallow draft.

The shoot was peaceful, relaxing, and enjoyable from the start. After spending considerable time in the pre-production phase perfecting our script and expansive shot list, we were well-poised to create some really incredible content for FEM. We began filming at dawn – the morning blue hour set forth a picturesque landscape in terms of unique lighting and a cinematically foggy lake setting.

We spent the next few hours on the Twin Troller itself, with Frank the CEO, to film the boat in action. After we wrapped up the first half of filming, we focused on capturing the specific differentiating aspects of the boat itself on land and on the water to demonstrate it’s competitive advantage. The video product came out incredible – high quality footage, an emotional story, and an effective demonstration of the Twin Troller’s capabilities. 

One thing’s for sure. Whether you’re a lifelong fisherman or an ardent newbie, the Twin Troller X10 is the perfect way to experience the sheer joy of fishing. 

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