The Heart of the Problem


Following the number one and two causes of death in the United States of heart disease and cancer, reports show that more than 1,000 people still die each day due to medical errors.


ClearDATA's innovative platform of solutions and services protects customers from data privacy risks, improves their data management, and scales their healthcare IT infrastructure, enabling the industry to focus on making healthcare better by improving healthcare delivery, every single day.


ClearData is a company whose mission Triad can readily stand behind - one that improves and saves lives and innovates on the modern healthcare IT infrastructure. ClearData's team harbors some of the most intelligent, creative, and driven people that we have ever seen. The confounding benefit most don't think of about filmmaking is that you can learn so much from your clients. ClearData did not fall short of this in one bit as we dove deep into insightful and informative conversations with many members of their C-suite.

Our mission on this shoot was to capture interviews with ClearData's CEO, CTO, CPO, CSO, and Co-founder, as well as capture ample b-roll of the surrounding city, employees, facility, and product in just two days. Unfortunately, travel shoots always bear the most unexpected challenges.

When packing our close-to-200 pounds of gear into two massive pelican cases, we quickly realized that our C-stand didn't fit into either one. The logistics of renting a C-stand once landing in Austin and incorporating it into our shoot was just a small annoyance for what was to come next.

The first day of interviews and B-roll went spectacularly. The team set up rapidly in a beautiful brick room accompanied by bright, natural light. The soundscape in the fast-moving city of Austin was not particularly ideal, but we were able to make it work to a high standard nonetheless. Unfortunately, on the second day of filming, a large construction site adjacent to the building got loud. Way too loud.

ClearData's Chief Marketing Officer and our liaison for the shoot quickly helped us move to a nearby building with a fantastic conference room. Tearing down our set up from the previous day and moving it across the street in a Prius while losing precious time in the day is the nightmare you wish does not happen with such a high-profile client. However, we adapted, and we overcame it. 

The shoot ended on time as scheduled, and we explored the city the rest of the evening to shoot aerial drone footage of Austin, Texas. With just a few more shots left to get, we began to de-stress, but our misfortune was far from over. As Daniel carefully brought our Mavic 2 Pro drone down from our last shot, the drone's connection faltered while 80 feet in the air and rapidly descended to the ground, shattering to pieces. 

We could only laugh about the unintended adversities we faced that weekend, celebrating the conclusion of the shoot with our partners at ClearData in downtown Austin later that night. All in all, with the failures that came from the spontaneity of this shoot, the overall learning experience was deemed invaluable and has only helped us improve our processes and practices moving forward.



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