Back to the Theatre

After a confusing, uncertain, and difficult year, the Carolina Theatre is BACK and open to the public.

The Carolina Theatre is a performing arts and cinema complex located in downtown Durham, NC. Established in the middle of a vibrant community packed with passionate, creative groups and individuals, the Theatre has been quiet for over a year amidst the pandemic. Starting this summer, the theatre is BACK.

To kick off the re-opening, the Carolina Theatre will be hosting a live streamed fundraiser event with all types of performances to excite and remind Durham of the importance of the arts community. Triad Studios filmed several types of content as a part of the livestream – two cinematic pieces and several interviews / performances.

The theatre opening back up is a mark of return to some sense of normalcy – it provides jobs to people, exposure to artists who need it, and a sense of culture to a town known for its diversity. We’re so excited to be back to the theatre!



Triad Studios


Justin Fouts


Daniel Pan


Michael Thomas


Justin Fouts



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