Reaching New Heights

Acadia Mountain Guides

Not every production house has its team dangle from a mountainside to get footage, but that's exactly what Triad had to do when filming a project for Acadia Mountain Guides.


Through its adventure sports gear storefront Alpenglow, Acadia Mountain Guides offers a range of classes and activities in the stunning wilderness of coastal Maine. Whether you're a seasoned rock climber or a novice looking to try out the sport, the company's guides and instructors are well-suited to help you navigate the region's many cliffs and mountains. To see it firsthand, Triad packed the team and all its gear into a van and hit the road north.


In the pink granite mountains of Acadia National Park, Tristan found himself suspended on the rock face, catching a new view of the landscape he had grown up exploring. His heart pounded as he angled the camera, a slight shake in his hands, toward nearby climbers. 

Below, the rest of the team took shots—mostly pictures, with some bit of video footage. When Tristan let the team know he needed a different lens at the top of the cliff, Mikey, who had little to no climbing experience, took the task. A guide rigged him up, and within a short (albeit nerve-wracking) time, Mikey passed along to Tristan the lens he needed. 

Amidst clambering over mountains and conducting interviews on granite sea cliffs, shooting in Acadia National Park was a pleasure. Acadia Mountain Guides is perfectly situated to offer those inclined to outdoor activities opportunities to appreciate the natural space. Our interviews ranged from young kids passing the days at the summer camp to the company's founder, Jon Tierney, to show the variety of experiences clients can have. 

The project came about after a childhood friend of Tristan, who spent most of his young life in nearby Hampden, Maine, contacted him. So the team headed to the northeast for seven days to see Tristan's home and produce footage in a way we never before had.



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