Baaqir Yusuf

Brand + Marketing

Background: Baaqir was born in New Jersey, but migrated to Cary, North Carolina at seven. Baaqir’s passion for entrepreneurship and content creation budded from watching other young leaders make impactful strides in the world - “if someone else can do it, why can’t we?” (the question he asked co-founder Michael Thomas in starting Triad Studios). Along with directing video projects, Baaqir manages all brand, marketing and sales related activity including brand design, analytics, social media and content management, sales, and integrated ad campaigns.

Personality: Baaqir’s affinity for cinematic storytelling lies within his strong passions for traveling and forming deep, meaningful relationships with people from all walks of life. He loves his family and friends dearly, and enjoys spending quality time with them outside of Triad. Baaqir loves listening to music, working out, and constantly clowning around.

Fun Fact: Baaqir has the tendency to lose valuable personal belongings at unprecedented rates. Please shoot me an email if you find my Ray-Bans, driver’s license, car keys, Beats headphones, or AirPods. Stay vigilant.