We support our clients by fusing creativity, strategy, and laser-focused execution.


Triad Studios crafts strategic, cinematic video content for university institutions, corporations, large non-profits, and commercial lifestyle brands.

Our Capabilities

Video Production

Don’t let your story just exist as an idea. It deserves to be shared with passion, originality, and precision. Our creative and collaborative process for live-action video production will set you up for sustained success.

Pre-Production – Production – Post-Production

2D + 3D Animation

Animation helps us tell complex stories in a simple way. With a variety of mediums and styles, we can bring your brand aesthetic to life and convey your message to your customers.

Logo Animations – Explainer Videos – Character Animation – Frame-By-Frame – Kinetic Typography – Animated Infographics

Livestream Production

In today’s world, there’s no faster way to engage an audience and interact with viewers than through live-stream.  Whether it’s your event, Q&A, or show, we’ll give your viewers the closest experience to “in-person” as it gets.

Set Design – Live Graphics – Live Chat – Live Audio Mixing – Single & Multi-Camera Stream – Embedded Streams

Drone Aerials

Take your production to different heights, literally, with our FAA licensed pilots. Drone aerials are a great way to make sure your unique story is accompanied by a unique visual experience.

Videography – Photography – Virtual Tours – 360 – FPV – Real Estate

Brand Strategy

Brand is core to every action – creating memorable experiences, sparking connection, and crafting a unique identity that separates you. We fuse psychology with science to strategically shape your identity in ways that captivate and inform.

Design – Messaging – Positioning – Strategy – Logo / Naming – Visual Identity

Web Design

Your website is your chance to show the world what you do and how you do it, with your personality attached. Modern day web design and development encompass a host of considerations – none of which we exclude from our process.

Web Architecture – Asset Development – Content Production – Graphic Design – Prototyping – UX – SEO – Analytics – Testing / Updates

Our Process



We place a strong focus on ensuring that our vision for the project aligns with that of our clients to ensure an efficient production process.



Next, we consolidate preliminary ideation into a comprehensive video map. Basically, we make the video, before we make the video.



We execute all aspects of the production process including creative direction, camera, lighting, and audio to capture the highest quality content.



In this stage we make your video shine with Triad’s unique touch on color, visual effects, graphic animation, audio, and sound design.



To wrap it all up, we’ll export your video for revisions and deliver final content in an optimal format for maximum ROI on any digital platform.

Leadership Team